What We Do

Phase Energy Ltd specialises in Phase Change Materials (PCM) technology for thermal energy management applications. This is what we do.

PCM products advice

Freely advise on commercially available PCM products for various applications – if you have a project in mind we should be your first port of call

Thermal mass advice

Freely advise the construction industry on high thermal mass PCM-functional construction products for thermally comfortable and energy efficient buildings

Supporting clients

Offer our extensive knowledge and experience in PCM technology and the PCM market to support clients in areas such as business development, marketing, application/customer support and new product development

PCM development

We innovate and undertake development of new phase change materials and phase change material products

Phase Change Materials (PCMs)

In simple terms PCMs are the thermal equivalent of a rechargeable battery in that they absorb, store and release large amounts of heat energy.

This is an effect that can be put to use in numerous applications to:

temperature pcm icon

Passively regulate temperature or protect against temperature extremes

home building pcm icon

Provide “smart” thermal mass in thermally lightweight buildings

efficient energy building materials

Store heat or cold for later use in energy efficient heating or cooling systems

About Us

Phase Energy Limited is an independent phase change material consultancy based in the United Kingdom operating across Europe and beyond.

The Principal, Ian Biggin, is a chemist by profession with over 15 years’ experience in development, applications and technical marketing of PCMs and a proven track record, including:

  • The development and commercialisation of a new range of microencapsulated PCMs
  • Enabling a global chemical company to develop a new business in organic PCMs
  • Successfully providing a major global product manufacturer with market development and technical support services
  • The successful co-development of a commercial PCM-based cooling system
  • Organising a multi-discipline consortium and co-developing a highly efficient renewable heat storage system for domestic heating
  • Several product innovations and patents
  • Providing PCM seminars and presentations at conferences
Ian Biggin Hull
Ian Biggin

The consultancy has substantial experience of the technology and market and extensive knowledge of users & suppliers, globally, in the value chain.

Phase Energy is a highly professional company, experienced in working with large and small companies and whose ability is in enabling organisations to develop, commercialise & market new products and develop new business in this expanding market.