The PCM technology value chain in its most simplified form consists of:

  • PCM materials
  • Encapsulated, entrapped or microparticulate forms of PCMs
  • End products or systems
  • End applications (including installation, servicing etc. where appropriate)

Of course, variations in this model can occur. For example in some cases PCM materials can be used directly in end products or systems thus eliminating one “level” in the value chain. Phase Energy Limited operates at all levels in the chain, working with producers, end users and other stakeholders.

There are now tremendous opportunities for companies to offer new products utilising PCM technology for use in the built environment and other applications and markets. This opportunity may be attributed to the recent and ongoing advances in PCMs and their use, stiffer regulations governing energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, the rising cost of energy and the increasing recognition of, and demand for the benefits and value offered by this technology. In construction, recent amendments to the UK building regulations places more emphasis on the role of thermal mass in buildings – PCM technology provides a way of increasing thermal mass that is especially useful in lightweight structures.

This is indeed an opportune and exciting time for innovative organisations due to the “headspace” available for innovation in PCM technology to offer something different to the market – perhaps a new PCM form, end product or service.

Phase Energy can provide the know-how, materials, market intelligence, contacts and innovative input to assist most organisations with an interest in phase change materials.  In some cases our assistance can be provided as part of the arrangements we have in place with a third party, should they be able to offer you the product, system or service that you are looking for.

Please Contact Us for more information.

Please Contact Us for more information.